Cat Camera

Welcome to the Avery Humane Society Cat Cam. Now you can watch our cats play anytime except during our cleaning time which is 7:45 AM - 10:05 AM. 


Meet the current residents of the cat colony you are viewing:

Ms._Puff_Christmas Ms. Puff is adventurous and daring. Her coat is so soft and comforting. Ms. Puff could spend an hour looking for the next adventure and then lay and nap in a sun spot for a while. Her litter make Bubble Buddy is content just laying and watching her explore. She is a little timid but so sweet.
Bubble_Buddy_Christmas Bubble Buddy is a little shy at first but purrs her little heart out when you hold her. She is just so content to lay and watch her sister Ms. Puff get into things. Bubble is one sweet girl.
RaisinetVal Raisinet is a little timid but will lay in your arms and purr when picked up. She loves to lounge around.