Pepe Broussard

Pepe Broussard

Missing Since: Feb 22, 2019
Type: Dog/mid size to large Husky mix
Age: 14
Weight: 60
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix/husky

Pepe is friendly and very fit especially for her age. She has mostly brown coat that was shaved when she was groomed. Her coat did not come in even and she has a few thinner spots on her back. She has darker brown ears that flop, brown eyes, and white around her face and legs and paws. She has been raised on Sugar Mountain and knows the territory well. (She run's it with us when we mountain bike). She is smart and trusting to others and makes friends easy. She will mostly ignore other dogs unless they come at her or threaten her food supply. She lives with her sister Avalanche and our family and is greatly missed. Thank you for your help.

If you have any information, contact:

Cindy Broussard