Sadie Sue

Sadie Sue

Missing Since: Jul 27, 2019
Type: dog
Age: 13 years old
Weight: 54 lbs
Gender: spayed female
Breed: Boxer

short haired female boxer fawn with graying muzzle and white blaze on chest. Sadie Sue has scarring on her tummy from an accident with a barbed wire fence. She has a couple of larger benign tumors on her back legs. Sadie Sue has arthritis in her back legs and walks a bit stiff she also needs medication for her incontinence. She was last seen in my yard at 75 Floyd Hayes ln on Buck Mtn in Elk Park Saturday evening at 6:15 pm she is not wearing her collar but is chipped and registered in with my contact information. She is slightly deaf and a complete sweet heart. I am afraid she was picked up by a well meaning person who didn't realize shes a well cared for pet that normally doesn't go out alone. My husband and I have scoured the sides of the road in case of an accident no signs and the woods around our home and across from us. She is not known to wander far unless another dog is present..she's a follower and never a leader. I have posted her on avery lost and found pets and shared her all over facebook please if some one brings her in call me! 828-434-3383 I didn't sleep at all last night.

If you have any information, contact:

april calloway russell