Missing Since: Aug 12, 2016
Type: Cat
Age: 5 yrs
Weight: Approximately 12 lbs
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Short Hair - Brown, Grey, Black, Tan

He is a tabby cat with black, grey, brown colors. Romeo is a sweet cat, very friendly. He will rub his head up against a human when he wants affection. Walks with tail straight up in the air. Has a small tear in left upper ear. Has a claw on one of rear paws that is much thicker, longer than others. He got lost when we were visiting friends in Burnsville. He is not familiar with the area. Has a very loud meow that sounds like he is saying "Mom". Please contact Becky Harrison at 828-779-0138 if you know of his whereabouts. I just want my boy home!

If you have any information, contact: