Missing Since: Mar 6, 2017
Type: dog
Age: 1.6 years old --- he will be 2 in August
Weight: 43 lbs in December at vet visit
Gender: Neutered male
Breed: austrilian shepard/boarder collie mix

White, caramel brown, very little black on rear. His tail has long white hair and looks like a flag when his wags it. He is beautiful and very friendly. He legs have a faint spots of caramel brown. His last hair cut was in December, so the hair is not extremely long expect his tail. He is wearing a hunter green collar....no tags. Cell phone #828-898-8730 Shawn or 828-387-1424 Emma Please help us find Wren!

If you have any information, contact:

Rhonda Freeman
828-387-7113 (husband)