Sno & Roo

Sno & Roo

Missing Since: Jul 6, 2019
Type: 2 Dogs
Age: 5&4
Weight: 65 lbs & 85 lbs.
Gender: Both Female
Breed: Both Yellow Labs (1 Dane mix)

2 Missing Yellow Labs - Sno (Left) is lighter white in color with a teal/blue collar on - no tag. She is very friendly towards people and other dogs and will come when called. Roo (Right) has more of a yellow coloring and is a tall and thin. She was wearing a neon orange collar and does have a tag. She is very friendly but is a bit timid/skiddish at first- patience, saying her name and no sudden movements work best if she does not know you. They ran 7/6 off from Sugar Grove near Bethel & Kellersville Rd off of 321 and headed over the ridge toward the back side of Beech Mountain. Last seen 7/7 Off of Phillip Rd which connects to Buckeye Rd (Beech Mtn backside) and they were still together. By now they could be separated or still traveling together but be on the look out for either!!

If you have any information, contact:

Katelyn Rayle