Missing Since: Feb 9, 2021
Type: Dog
Age: Almost a year and a half
Weight: Roughly 70 to 80 lb
Gender: Male
Breed: Pit

my address is 70 Calloway Creek Lane newland, phone number 828-504-2521 my name is Leslie Gurley anytime is a great time to get ahold of me concerning him. He is black and white has some slot scarring very St Marks on his nose. Pitbull he is about a year and 5 months roughly extremely sweet little greet everybody loves attention is never mean to anybody or growls so please don't be afraid because of his size he is a big baby he is wearing a different color than in the picture it is neon green so it can be seen when hit by the light at night he has been missing going on 5 days now. Any help leading up to finding him would be greatly appreciated he is a huge part of this family we really miss him.

If you have any information, contact:

Leslie Gurley